Middle tone version 2I’m a philosopher and economist, often working at the intersection of these fields.    I’m currently Visiting Professor at Georgetown University, spending time with exciting researchers and wonderful people, and living near our extended (large and loud) family. I’ve written on topics ranging from immigration, animal ethics, philosophy of economics, and disability. Among other places, my articles on these topics are forthcoming or have appeared in:  Ethics, Australasian Journal of Philosophy,  Analysis,  Politics, Philosophy and Economics, British Journal of the History of Philosophy, Georgetown Journal of Law and Public Policy, Public Affairs Quarterly, and Journal of Applied Philosophy

My book on immigration (Immigration and Discrimination) is forthcoming with Oxford University Press (UK).  I’m also editing a book on the philosophy, economics, and law of immigration for Routledge (expected late 2023).  Recent and upcoming talks and interviews on the topics in these books include:

Email: sa1580@georgetown.edu