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I’m an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Virginia, where I teach courses in political philosophy, bioethics, and ethics and economics.

My main research interests are in political philosophy, especially on the topics of migration, membership, and identity.  Some of my articles on these topics have appeared in:  Australasian Journal of Philosophy; Public Affairs Quarterly;  Analysis Journal of Applied Philosophy; and, Politics, Philosophy and Economics.
  My book project develops this research, and argues that we should understand states’ borders and memberships through the normative framework of antidiscrimination (for a detailed description, please email me).  

I also do some work on ethical issues concerning animal welfare and in areas of philosophy that intersect with economics.

Prior to joining UVA, I was in the Political Theory Project at Brown University for a year while completing a PhD in philosophy from Duke University.  Before that I received a PhD in economics from George Mason University.

Email: sza5m@virginia.edu